Thursday, 23 August 2018


As the saying goes, prevention is obviously much better than cure, and this expression is as true as ever when it comes to taking care of your wooden flooring.

Taking care of wooden flooring does require you to invest some time and effort, although this can save you time, effort and money later on.

One of the great things about most types of hardwood floors is that, should its look begin to deteriorate due to stains and scratches, you can get it re- coated. Re- sanding and re-finishing wooden flooring will restore its beauty- providing you with a fresh slate to begin again.

After restoring the appearance of your floors, you then need to create a promise to yourself you won't let its condition deteriorate , and you'll adhere to the necessary preventative measures.

These preventative steps are rather simple to put in place, and comprise removing footwear at the door (especially high heeled shoes), cleaning up spills the minute they occur and putting felt pads under furniture to prevent it from producing marks.

There's lots you can do about stains and scratches in your own flooring, and lots you can do to prevent them, therefore for more advice seek out an expert.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Simple Rules for Keeping Your Hardwood Floors Looking Their Best

Your hardwood flooring are an important feature of your home. Hardwood floors are exceptionally easy to take care of, as long as you follow a few straightforward rules!

There is a reason that each article you ever read about keeping your hardwood floors consistently mentions something about removing shoes: it really works. There are many things which may be monitored in on the bottoms of peoples' shoes. Just wiping them on a mat, no matter how comprehensive someone is, simply is not enough. If you really wish to protect your flooring and keep them looking their best, then institute a "no shoes" policy!

Dust at Least Once Weekly

Among the most significant thing that you can do for your hardwood floors is to keep the dust from them. You would not think so, but dust and other tiny little particles of the or that can cause little scratches from the ground. Plus, dust and pet hair take away from the hardwood's classic look. You simply need to swipe a dust mop over the hardwood to clean this up. Spraying with a dusting
chemical might help to accelerate this process. If you are dusting and discover that not what's coming up, you may need to vacuum to grab the particulates that escaped the dust mop.

Mop when Necessary

Excessive moisture can really damage your hardwood floors, but sometimes wet mopping is needed. We do not mean soaking wet, just get your mop damp with a hardwood floor cleaning solution and wash it. It is extremely important that you use the ideal cleaning solution for your hardwood floors. If you need guidance, your flooring installer will be delighted to steer you in the right direction. Using the right cleaner for your own hardwood makes a major difference. Harsh chemicals can damage the wood's natural beauty. The cleaner can make your floors shine. When you are finished, you can turn on a fan to hasten the drying procedure.